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Дорогие участники нашего форума!

Как вы могли заметить, форум был недоступен около 10 дней. Для любопытствующих сообщаю причину - обновление на нашем сервере и несовместимость его с ПО виртуализации на сервере.
Выдержка из переписки:

An update for Red Hat based operating systems was recently released by the developers of these Linux distributions, that breaks the IP route software installed on them. If the IP route software is broken, then the networking service for the operating system will not start and the VPS will not connect to the network.  When a VPS is affected in this manner, Veportal may report that the VPS is started, however it will not be accessible over the internet. 

Please be aware that a large amount of our OpenVZ VPS clients have Centos installed on their VPS servers. Because of this we have experienced a large influx in support tickets.  If you have opened a ticket with support concerning your offline VPS please be patient, we are trying to correct this issue for customers as quickly as possible. In order to speed up the responses to these issues we must ask that you do not open multiple tickets for the same VPS server. Opening new tickets will NOT get you a faster response to your issue.

Так или иначе, ошибка устранена, welcome back!




Мы уж тут извелись все, эти десять дней. Хорошо что вы опять есть, не исчезайте на долго, плииз!!!

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